How Did We Come To This?

The Wild Party, Theatre Nerds

Song Title : How Did We Come To This?

Show Name : The Wild Party

Character Name : Queenie

Gender : Female

Age : Young Adult, Adult

Vocal Part : Mezzo-Soprano

Range : G#3-C#5

Style : Ballad

Mood : Dramatic, Regretful

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Context & Lyrics

By the end of the show, Queenie loses both of the men who pursue her, and contemplates how things came to end so badly.

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We’re all so sure
We’re all so wise
No limits
No boundaries
No compromise.
Laughing at our neighbor
Smiling through a hiss
How did we come to this?

We’re all amuse
We’re all inspired
So cunning
So clever
And so admired
Easy to be angry
Easy to dismiss
How did we come to this?

Maybe I’ve been living in a daydream
Maybe I’ve been talking in my sleep
If I’ve been awake
Pardon my mistake
But time is running low
And talk is growing cheap.

We play our games
We place our bets
No witness
No weakness
And no regrets.
Filling up with frenzy
Killing with a kiss
How did we all come to this?
Time goes by
Plans grow stale
People die
And parties fail
How did we come to this?

She had grey eyes,
Lips like coals aglow.
And her face was a tinted mask of snow.

A fascinating woman
As they go.

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Written by TheatreNerds

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