This Time

Audition Songs From Now. Here. This.

Song Title : This Time

Show Name : Now. Here. This

Character Name : Heidi

Gender : Female

Age : Adult

Vocal Part : Mezzo-Soprano

Range : F#3-D5

Style : Ballad (Contemporary Pop)

Mood : Dramatic, Introspective

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Context & Lyrics

A woman sings about setting her own rules and choosing her own path.

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Now, I’m standing here the sunlight is soft & warm.
Is this a gentle paradise or only the eye of the storm?
This time will I just give in when the rain starts to pour down?
This time will I start to swim or will I start to drown?

Now, I’m walking alone as the wind circles all around.
Waiting for the slightest move or the first unexpected sound.
This time will I raise my shield when the hunters spot their prey?
This time will I stay in the field or will I run away?

From who I am,
And what I want,
And what I can find,
And who I will be.

Now, I’m moving along as the twilight begins to spread.
I take in this moment as the clouds gather overhead.
This time will I see what’s true when the lightening streaks through the grey?
This time will it blind my view or will it light the way?

To who I am,
And what I want,
And what I can find,
And who I will be.

And all these questions in me, are fading away as I suddenly see;
I can embrace everything behind me.
And find the place where I finally find me.

Now, I run with you as a new sun begins to rise.
I can see forever through these endless big blue skies.

Now is the only time.
Here is the only place.
This is all I want to be.

This time I can see the view.
This time the sun will shine through.
This time.
This time.
This time.

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Written by TheatreNerds

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