What A Nice Idea

Song Title : What A Nice Idea

Show Name : Two Gentlemen of Verona

Character Name : Julia

Gender : Female

Age : Young Adult, Adult

Vocal Part : Alto

Range : A3-B4

Style : Midtempo (Soft Rock)

Mood : Jealous, Romantic

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Context & Lyrics

Julia fantasizes and plots to win back Proteus.

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Because he loves her
He despises me
Because I love him
I pity him

If I could be her
Just for a moment
When he was holding her
I would insult him
Then he’d be unhappy
And not know where to run

I could turn back into me
And I would comfort him
What a nice idea
What a sweet idea
But easier said than done.


If I could be him
Just for a moment
I’d hold her so close
And yell insults at her
She’d never speak to him again

I could turn back into me
And I would comfort him
It ends up the same
Either way

All I want to do
Is have someone scold him
Then I’d come on the scene
And gladly hold him
That’s my idea of fun

Que bonita idea
Que idea mas linda
Que idea mas dulce
Que idea ams rica
What a lovely idea
What a lovely idea
But easier said than done
But easier said than done.

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