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      Brian Case
      Brian Case

      After a few (eight) years hiatus where my work assignments prevented me from acting, I am now retired. At age 75 I found a local theatre that has an old man role. My audition is Monday, January 20, 2020 and I hope you can help me with a couple of concerns.

      First: I learned by reading this forum today that auditioning using a song from the musical for the role in that musical is a BAD idea.
      The minor dramatic (not musical) role for which I’m auditioning is an historical figure. My research turned up a letter he wrote. The letter relates to the topic of the play (the Lindbergh kidnapping) but is not in the play itself. I crafted excerpts of that letter into a monologue. But now I wonder if, even though it’s neither a musical nor in the play itself, that approach is a bad idea. I guess I’m committed to it now given the audition is a week away. But what do you think? Bad plan?

      Second: I have never performed for this troupe and do not know the casting director. Because I’ve cobbled together this monologue as opposed to one that the director may know, should I provide a printout of my monologue and/or the original letter? If so, what is the etiquette in presenting it to him. An unsolicited email prior to the audition? Hand it to him before I embarrass myself. Ask from the stage before I begin my monologue?

      What do you think?



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