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    Ben Bailey

    Will ‘Be More Chill’ have as much success as Dear Evan Hansen on its BWAY transfer? Will the cult movement be able to translate to the Broadway audiences?

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    Lucy Ellis

    Be more chill is one of my favorites. The songs are catchy, and the characters are lovable, even the squip.😂😂 surprisingly, It ends well for a musical. A few songs do have language but there are clean versions on YouTube. 11/10 would recommend!

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      Dod you hear they are already making it into a movie too? That’s pretty crazy, especially before the Broadway run even starts!

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    Lucy Ellis

    No I didn’t know that! Now I’m excited!
    I’ll probably have to wait a few more year until I move out though. (Strict parents lol) Edit:I just watched the trailer on YouTube and it’s fake 😞

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