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    Lindsay Price
    Brittany/red monologue

    I wear red, its my favorite color now, it makes me feel alive and i look good in red. I used to wear pink because thats what girls wear right? Thats what i’ve always been told pink is for girls, and dont you look so cute. Pretty Pink dresses with lace and swish and now with grandma! Cute, cute, cute! everything so cute! (beat) I threw every pink thing i owned into a garbage bag and donated it to the salvation army. My mom doesnt understand and she thinks it was my fault. (beat) I wear red to remind myself to take action. Sometimes the action is get up Brittany Get up get out of bed start the day and dont think! Thinking sends me down a bad road. Action gives me something to do! I wear red to show everyone i am strong, i wont let anyone ever look at me with those pity eyes. Those i know what happened to you eyes. If i hear someone laughing i dont shrink and hide. I stare them down until they look away! Watch that laugh turn into a cough as they slink down the halls! No one can out stare me these days! I wear red to remind everyone i am a force! I am a force to be reckoned with and i will never let anyone take that from me, ever again.

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