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    Luc Jones

    My confession requires context. I live in Wales (which is NOT England) and we have a subject in school called Welsh Baccalaureate. The subject is meant to help the pupils understand business. It includes helping out your community, selling a product and raising awareness. The latest project is collecting data using surveys to find data on anything you want. And now, being the theatre kid I am. Mine is about originality in musicals (and was inspired by the 2017-2018 Broadway season). Now one part of the task is to get at least 30 responses on a survey you made. I have 12 responses. If as many of you could take the survey I would appreciate it loads. Also questions 7 and 8 aren’t the same. One asks if musicals are progressively getting unoriginal. The other asks if musicals are unoriginal in general.

    Survey here:

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    I took it! Hope it helps! Good luck!

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    I took it, Best of Luck!

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