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    Thomas R. Barton

    So, we all know that there have been COUNTLESS productions of Hamilton, and with that, new actors portraying our favorite characters. Which portrayal is your favorite?? Or, if you were to build your dream cast, who would be in it?

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    Grace Kreps

    It is my personal opinion that Leslie Odom Jr. is the best Aaron Burr, and likewise with the rest of the OBC. I do think that other casts are good but the OBC can’t be beat!

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      Thomas R. Barton

      Same!!! Leslie Odom Jr. is by far the best. Along with Lin-Manuel Miranda. He has to be Hamilton himself

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      Ava S.

      I like the obc better cuz I mean, where to begin….
      Broadway and its performers just has this vibe and feel that just can not be beaten

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    i agree deeply. tough i’ve never seen the play myself, i have heard that a puerterican version is in the making.

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    I also personally prefer the OBC

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    Little Lotte

    OBC cast. They were the version I first fell in love with

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      Thomas R. Barton

      🙂 I’m the same with Les Miserables. The 1988 Symphonic Recording is what my parents grew up listening to, so that’s the version I fell in love with. I just love Gary Morris as Valjean and Philip Quast as Javert. They casted that just so perfectly

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    OBC Cast all the way

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