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    Richard Damaso

    Hey, Theatre Nerds, join our Theatre Nerds forum, and post a message in here saying you want tickets to Hamilton on Broadway! We’re running a promotion to get our forum going. On or before the end of October, we’ll do a drawing for a winner from forum participants in this topic. So keep checking back here to see if you’re a winner. If you win, we’ll have you find available tickets for the date that will work for you, and pay for them up to a maximum $400.

    Or if you just want to buy them, cuz you don’t care for luck, you can go here:

    In order to post, you can register and join our forum here.

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    I really want them!!!! I have loved Hamilton since the first day I heard it! I like history, and I’m a bit of a theatre need, so what best combination?!
    Lin Manuel Miranda is also very inspiring, I too am a teacher with dreams of acting in NYC, so I look up to him and his work.
    It would be amazing if I get these tickets. Thank you!!!!!

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      Emily James

      I would love these tickets! I’ve never seen Hamilton before, but the soundtrack is absolutely awesome!

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    I want them so badly

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    I would love this! Me and my daughter both love Hamilton and have been wanting to go see it!!!

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    Hobbit Queen
    Hobbit Queen

    I want tickets!!!!!!!!!

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    It’s amazing that you’re giving fans the opportunity to go!!
    I’d like to have the tickets because my main goal is to be a theatre producer, I’m currently on college studying design and animation hoping I can direct my knowledges to theatre! And of course, because of that, I feel like seeing any play on Broadway would not only be a dream come true but also a great opportunity to learn about production, set design, light design and everything that goes with it! And since I am from Mexico City, I’d have to travel and it would be more affordable for me to have the tickets and just pay for the flight and the lodging

    Thanks for the opportunity! (and to anyone entering the contest as well,,, break a leg!)

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    Rosalie Overing
    Rosalie Overing

    I want this tickets sooo badly!! I am currently studying in New York for four months and I participate in the Hamilton online lottery literally every day, hoping I’ll be the lucky one to win the cheap tickets, since I can’t afford the regular tickets prices. I would be incredibly happy if i’d win the tickets through this forum, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed! And in the mean time I’ll just keep listening to the Hamilton playlist on repeat…

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    Callie Sonderman
    Callie Sonderman

    I would love to see Hamilton!

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    Michael Nelson

    I’ve been dying to see this show!!

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    Gail Bello

    Oh my gosh please! Hamilton hit when I was a freshman in college and now this past may I have graduated. I have been entering all of Lin’s Prizeo contests and stuff for years and have never won. Thank you for this opportunity! I want to sit in that theater and clap and cry in the greatest city in the world!

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    Gemma White

    I listened to Hamilton for the first time three years ago, and I went through the full obsession like I’m sure most people who love it did. I got my best friend hooked too, and we used to sing our way through the entire soundtrack on a regular basis and watch the definitely-not-illegal bootlegs that are floating around.

    But we live in Australia and it seemed unlikely that Hamilton would come here any time in the foreseeable future. Then the 2021 Sydney premiere was announced, but that is the other side of the country, over a year away, and tickets would be expensive and hard to come by.

    This would be the most amazing opportunity if we were to win these tickets, and it really would be the trip of a lifetime. Fingers crossed!

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    Peyton Nelson

    I would love to have free tickets!! I have always loved Broadway, and just started to really invest more time into getting to know more shows! I’d love to see Hamilton!!

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    Tracey Thurman

    I would love to have tickets to see Hamilton. My younger sister has gain an interest in history thanks to this show. I found the soundtrack when I was going through some tough times and it helped me get through it. I wish everyone luck!

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    Allie Brinkerhoff

    My brother and I have been trying to get tickets for my birthday for over a year now. This is an amazing opportunity and I would absolutely love to win them! So here’s hoping lucks on my side!
    Break a leg!

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    Benjamin Brinkerhoff

    I would love to win tickets to see Hamilton. I have tried getting tickets multiple times for my sister and I for our birthdays. Broadway is the one main thing we have bonded over. So this would be a amazing opportunity for us. Break a leg to everyone else!

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    Bri Price

    I have been absolutely in love with theatre since I was like 7 or 8 years old. Hamilton has always been on my list of show I want to see but I haven’t been able to yet. This would literally he a dream come true. I would take my grandma with me, she’s the one who got me into theatre and she loves Hamilton as well. It would be amazing if we won these tickets. Fingers crossed.

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    Talia Gatto

    I really want these. Not for myself but for my boyfriend and my sister in law. My boyfriend has never been to a musical and this is the only one he wants to see. As for my sister in law she’s been going through a tough time and I know this will cheer her up

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    Abbie Diller

    Oh my goodness! I’ve not heard much of the music, but I’ve been hoping to be able to see the show so kinda as to not spoil anything. And my boyfriend loves Hamilton and would be thrilled to go see it!

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    Emily Smith

    I would love to win them!!

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