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No More Broadway, No More Theatre To Escape the Pandemic Coronavirus

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There are no more Broadway productions to escape to, no more community theatre shows to attend, nor basketball games, nor baseball games, nor concerts. Even movie theaters are setting quotas on how many people they’ll admit. And even if we were able to attend any of these public performances, many would be worried about gathering with others, fearful of contracting the disease. Schools across the country are shutting down. Workers are being told not to come in. Grocery stores are being emptied by hoarders. Stock markets are crashing.

I hope that world organizations can control the pandemic Coronavirus, and I believe that ultimately they will. But the collateral damage has been done. Sadly, the death toll continues to rise, and during this time when we most need to escape the daily worries of the Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak, we no longer can find that escape.

Beyond the physical suffering and death, our local communities are taking the hit. Where I live in the US Northeast, significantly all theaters are shutting their doors. My friends who work and perform there are being told that productions they have been working on are being canceled. I can tell you that working on a show for months, where it has been your life or livelihood, and seeing it just disappear is devastating. And witnessing it as a theatre-goer, it is just as heart-breaking.

Many theaters will be in danger of closing their doors permanently with refunded tickets and lost revenue.  It goes without saying that canceling a production run can result in huge losses taking into account the wages, set construction costs, and costumes, on top of the costs of lease and maintenance of the venues.

Fewer theaters in the future mean fewer opportunities for performers and production staff to work, as well as fewer opportunities for patrons to see the wonderful productions that theaters put up.

We need our escape from the crisis, and sadly NOW during this trying time, we have lost that freedom to escape.  BUT, even as physical communities breakdown temporarily, the online communities soldier on providing much-needed continuity and love.  We at wish for you to soldier on as well.  We are confident that we as a community will get through this crisis together, and we sincerely wish you and your loved ones well.

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