The Theatre, Home Away From Home

You take step upstairs on a wooden or metal platform. An exhilarating feeling of being center stage, bright lights beaming on you and blinding you from the crowd. The music starts, and it’s show time. Then you begin your monologue you’ve been practicing all month long. There’s a feeling inside you that you haven’t in a long time, a fiery power. It must be the feeling when you’re an actress.

An actress or actor is a time traveler. It can range from past, present, or the future. There is no limit of time. They can be a king or queen from ancient to medieval times ruling over a vast kingdom. They can be next year’s president and reach world peace. One could even stop an alien race, 200 years from now, from taking over the world. Time is limitless, time is nothing to an actor.

Anything can happen in a performance. It’s a gateway to worlds unlike our own; almost like escapism. Reality can either be a truth or a fantasy, depending on the show. Your dreams can come true on stage, and you can either sing, dance, or act it, having it come to life. Ever dream of animals talking, fairies being real beings, or being able to fly? It can happen on stage. Being on stage can be enchanting.

In life, we all want a way to escape reality. The theatre is one of those ways to escape and be someone or something else. It’s a way to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. No worries or troubles can get to you when you get on that stage.  It’s a very important part of my life and a reason why I choose to pursue it outside of high school and hopefully outside of college as well.

To me, acting and performing is something more than a hobby or something to do at school. Ever since I got on the stage, back in middle school and freshman year of high school. My life changed for the better. It’s given me a chance to improve myself. I’ve gotten used to being in front of an audience which helped my stage fright. When dealing with difficult times, no matter how small or big, acting helps me cope and heal.  It wouldn’t be possible to count how many times the theatre helped me.

The stage can be a safe place too. When life gets unbearable and dreadful, you can get on the stage and feel safe and calm. Theatre can be the best place to feel at home, loved and cared for. Cast and crew become family over the rehearsal times. Personally, I never found a better bunch of people to be with than the people in the performing arts. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t thank the theatre and the people I meet within it for being in my life.

It’s time to close the curtain, the crowd is in an uproar of applause and cheers. You did it. After months and days of rehearsing, mesmerizing, and practicing, it’s all over. For the season that is. To you, however, you never wanted it to end. The work and dedication you put into your part while experiencing so much. It’s a family away from family, a home away from home.

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Written by ShayeT9510

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