The Top 20 Roles Theatre Nerds Want To Play On Stage

Updated: We asked what you would consider to be your “dream role” on stage, and received over 600 responses! Impressed with the diverse array of replies, there were still some roles that owned the majority.

We thought it would be fun to put together a list of the top 20 roles Theatre Nerds want to play…

20. Maria – West Side Story – 25 Nerds

theatre nerds

19. Rizzo – Grease – 26 Nerds

Theatre nerds

18. Phantom – The Phantom of the Opera – 27 Nerds

Theatre nerds

17. Eliza Doolittle – My Fair Lady – 27 Nerds

Theatre Nerds

16. Sweeney Todd – Sweeney Todd – 29 Nerds

Top 20 Roles Theatre Nerds

15. Elder Price – The Book of Mormon – 31 Nerds

Theatre Nerds

14. Mimi – Rent – 32 Nerds

Theatre Nerds

13. The Witch – Into The Woods – 35 Nerds

Theatre Nerds

12. Fiona – Shrek The Musical – 36 Nerds

Theatre Nerds

11. Fantine – Les Misérables – 40 Nerds

Theatre Nerds

10. Glinda – Wicked – 42 Nerds

Theatre Nerds

9. Mark – Rent – 43 Nerds

Theatre Nerds

8. Maureen – Rent – 46 Nerds

Theatre Nerds

7. Mrs. Lovett – Sweeney Todd – 48

Theatre Nerds

6. Eliza – Hamilton – 50 Nerds

Theatre Nerds

5. Javert – Les Misérables – 54 Nerds

Theatre Nerds

4. Belle – Beauty and the Beast – 58 Nerds

Theatre Nerds

3. Éponine – Les Misérables – 62 Nerds

Theatre Nerds

2. Christine – The Phantom of the Opera – 67 Nerds

Theatre Nerds

1. Elphaba – Wicked – 72 Nerds

Theatre Nerds, Wicked

What is your dream role on stage? Leave a reply below…

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  1. I got my dream role! I played Alice in Alice in Wonderland this Spring in our One Act Festival of my Drama department. As well as directed!

  2. 1. Fiyero
    2. Seaweed
    3. Donkey
    4. Lafayette/Jefferson
    5. Audrey 2
    6. Any Newsie
    7. Coalhouse Walker
    If you weren’t able to tell from three of the roles I put, I’m black.

  3. Veronica in Heathers
    Natalie in Next to Normal
    Ivy in bare:a pop opera
    Patrice in 13, though I’m way too old now

  4. 1. Cathy – “The Last 5 Years”
    2. Princess Fiona – “Shrek”
    3. Rose – “Gypsy”
    4. The Witch/Baker’s Wife – “Into the Woods”
    5. Elphaba/Galinda – Wicked”
    6. Amy – “Company”
    7. Fantine/Eponine – “Les Miserables”
    8. Eliza Schuyler Hamilton – “Hamilton”
    9. Eva Peron – “Evita”
    10. Eliza Doolittle – “My Fair Lady”

  5. I’ve played a lot of my dream roles already. Cat in the Hat in Seussical, Jo March in Little Women, Rizzo in Grease, Rooster in Annie. If I could have any role in the world outside of those ones, I would definitely pick Dr. Frank-N-Furter from Rocky Horror Picture Show.

  6. Eponine- les miserables
    Fantine- les miserables
    Eve- chilldren of eden
    Yonah-children of eden
    Elphaba- wicked
    Veronica sawyer- heathers
    Christine daee- phantom
    Janet van degraf- drowsy chaperone
    Cinderella- into the woods
    Ariel- the little mermaid
    Shelby- steel magnolias
    Brooke- noises off
    Angelika- hamilton

    I know its a very broad range of roles but my range is from a D3- E6

  7. Lutiebelle from purlie
    Joanna from Sweeney todd
    Joann from rent
    Rosie from bye bye birdie
    Celie fron the color purple
    Leading player from pippin
    Genie from aladdin

  8. My top 10
    10 Mrs Lovett
    9 Bonnie Parker
    8 ms honey
    7 Marty
    6 Frenchy
    5 Leisl vontrapp
    4 sofie
    3 Grace Ferrell
    2 ilse
    1 Baroness Elsa schraeder

    • leisel is my dream role, since A, one of my favorite musicals is The Sound of Music, and B, heck, I’m 13 so i’d want some random roles……..

  9. I really want to play Eliza Doolittle or Maria from The Sound of Music. Eponine would be awesome too. And Eliza Hamilton….okay I’ll stop now.

  10. My top 10 dream roles:
    10. Cosette in Les Mis
    9. Galinda in Wicked
    8. Angelica in Hamilton
    7. Katherine in Newsies
    6. Eliza in Hamilton
    5. Fantine in Les Mis
    4. Maria in The Sound of Music
    3. Eponine in Les Mis
    2. Elphaba in Wicked
    1. CHRISTINE!!!!
    I would also love to play Amalia or Ilona in She Loves Me. Or Matilda, but I’m too old. I would LOVE to play the Phantom, but I’m a girl.

  11. 1. Elphaba – Wicked
    2. Angelica – Hamilton
    3. Celie – The Color Purple
    4. Eliza – Hamilton
    5. Maureen – RENT
    6. Rose – Gypsy
    7. Maria – The Sound of Music
    8. Shug Avery – The Color Purple
    9. Joanne – RENT
    10. Nala – The Lion King

  12. My dream roles are:
    1. Veronica Sawyer
    2. Any Heather
    3. Cosette
    4. Peggy or Eliza (but Eliza has my preference)
    5. Sandy

  13. my dream role is definitely either Judas in Jesus Christ Superstar or Alex in Aspects of Love! both very interesting psychological parts to play! i am definitely looking forward to playing Creepy Callahan in Legally Blonde this summer

  14. Judas in Superstar but only if the knee slide is in “Heaven on their Minds”
    Pippin but now I am more Granny’s age range.
    I see a lot of these replies are a year old but this just popped up on my feed and I can never pass up an opportunity to post a desired role… just in case.

  15. 1. Madame Rose
    2. Maureen
    3. Edwin Drood
    4. Phyllis from Follies

    As you can tell most of my dream roles are from old Broadway shows, but those tend to be my favourite!

  16. Here are my top 20 dream roles in a Broadway show.

    1. Elphaba – Wicked
    2. Belle – Beauty and the Beast
    3. Rosie – Bye Bye Birdie
    4. Nancy – Oliver!
    5. Mille – Thoroughly Modern Millie
    6. Maria – West Side Story
    7. Eliza – My Fair Lady
    8. Kathrine – Newsies
    9. Maria – The Sound Of Music
    10. Nellie – South Pacific
    11. Sandy – Grease
    12. Cinderella – Rogers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella
    13. Kim – Bye Bye Birdie
    14. Louise/Gypsy Rose Lee – Gypsy
    15. Jasmine – Aladdin
    16. The Witch – Into The Woods
    17. Cinderella – Into The Woods
    18. Nala – Lion King
    19. Mrs. Meers – Thoroughly Modern Millie
    20. Bloody Mary – South Pacific

  17. I would have to say mine are
    1. Maureen from RENT
    2. Elizabeth from Young Frankenstein
    3. Katherine from Newsies
    4. Marilyn from Bombshell
    and 5. Jenna from Waitress

  18. I would love to play Tobias from Sweeney Todd! The baker from into the woods. Bobby from Company. Mark from Rent. Riff in West side story. Jason from BARE. Percy and Grover in the lightning thief. Hermes in Hadestown.

  19. Veronica

    Also Eponine, Rizzo, Faintine, and a bunch of other stuff that was up there.

    OOO and Regina!

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