Theatre Nerds was born out of a desire to create a unified community of thespians, no matter what age, location, skill level, or goal. We love theatre, so lets connect with each other and share stories, laughs, resources, and general tomfoolery!

About Ben

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Ben Bailey is an Broadway & Off Broadway investor/producer. He founded Theatre Nerds in 2014

I’m Ben, just another theatre nerd. I first developed a love for theatre my senior year of high school, taking a drama class because I was looking for “easy” credits until I graduated. I quickly found out two things: First of all, it wasn’t easy. Second, I absolutely loved It.

An obsession formed, and I couldn’t get enough. I got involved in every aspect of local theatres, going anywhere and everywhere to be on stage. I played in orchestras, worked on crew, and performed in over 15 plays & musicals before I decided to get involved in a professional capacity.

Loving business and theatre, I looked into producing. After some searching, one very lucky email in 2014 led me to Tony Award Winning (Kinky Boots) producer Ken Davenport. Ken took me under his wing, and here I am a couple years later investing & producing in Broadway & off Broadway theatre.

Sitting in an airplane on my way back from NYC trip, I had the initial vision of Theatre Nerds. I thought there were many websites and groups focused on Broadway (which is great), but not many dedicated to thespians in general. Thespians have a unique bond, and it doesn’t take us long to accept one another into the collective “family”. I think Audra McDonald summed up our collective experience best by saying “I found the theatre, & I found my home”. Theatre Nerds simply celebrates what we are, and how theatre has changed our lives. So welcome home, & thanks for being a part of the community, Merde!

Ben’s projects:

Daddy Long Legs

Claudio Quest

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