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10 Reasons Why You Should Expose Your Child To Theatre

Post by TN student contributor Nomy Lavrukov

As a teen who’s been exposed to the theatre world since day one , I can tell you for a fact that my experiences with the theater, both as an audience member, and a performer, have enhanced my young life greatly. I have learned important lessons and developed skills that help me in everyday situations in my life. Even though at first I didn’t necessarily enjoy ballet, musicals, plays, and especially not operas, I’ve learned to both appreciate the performing arts and my parents for exposing me to these beautiful art forms.

However, it seems that there are parents out there who are concerned about taking their children along for a night out at their local theatre. What if it’s boring? What if they don’t like it? What if it’s a waste of their studying time? From a kid to an adult, I’ll tell you that you are wasting your time with worrying. Sure, there are pros and cons, but I’ve discovered more pros than cons.

Here are 10 reasons why children should be exposed & participate in theatre…

1. Theatre Teaches Us Important Lessons

Reasons Why You Should Expose Your Child to Theatre

Whether it be a history lesson or a life lesson, your child is bound to learn something from the things they see in the shows. After listening to a musical soundtrack let alone, I am able to recite to you the entire life or Alexander Hamilton. Awesome, huh?

2. We Can See That We’re Not Alone

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Shows such as ‘Spring Awakening’ or ‘Fun Home’ can help teens relate to things that they are still trying to figure out; sexuality, who they are, what they want to do in the future, and more. Watching a show without being able to relate to it at all is still fun, but watching the show and thinking ‘I‘ve been there too’ is a powerful experience, no matter how old you are. . 

3. Theatre May Give Your child An Idea For Their Future

Reasons Why You Should Expose Your Child to Theatre

Risky? Yup. I know. Will your kid be the odd one out in the family? Maybe. Is it worth it? If your kid is happy, shouldn’t everything be worth it? So many people don’t realize that the theatrical world is a large one, and there are way more jobs than you think there are.

4. It’s A Healthy Escape From The Real World


All of that schoolwork or hallway drama can stress teens out. There is nothing better than letting yourself go to perform a show or to watch one. The beautiful cushioned seats let alone should put one’s mind at ease.

5. Your child will develop an appreciation for the arts

As cheesy as it sounds, it’s important. Exposure to the performing arts teaches young people empathy, and a willingness to embrace things in life that are new and different, rather than fearing them. You could go from plays and musicals to things which require more maturity, such as operas or  the ballet.

6. It Promotes Many Life Skills


A larger sense of imagination? Check. Creativity? Check. Literacy? Check. Participating in theater can also give your child more co-operational skills, discipline, and even improved self confidence as well as public speaking. All of these skills are useful with any occupation, no matter if it’s the arts or STEM!

7. It Can Help Your Child “unplug” From Technology

Wouldn’t you rather have your child obsessed with Broadway instead of candy crush? I’m sure you’re nodding your head while you’re reading this. Just make sure your kid isn’t one of those people who sits on their phone during a show.

8. Anyone Can Enjoy It

Got a five-year-old and a sixteen-year-old? No problem! Believe me, I’ve seen an eight year old boy enjoying himself completely during The Phantom of The Opera.

9. Performing Is Fun!

Once, I went from playing a dying, male game show contestant to a ditsy, female council woman. And it was AWESOME!

10. The Community Is Wonderful

Thespians are some of the most humble, talented and amazing people you could ever meet. The more humble, talented and amazing people your kid will meet, the more humble, talented and amazing your child will become.

Post by TN student contributor Nomy Lavrukov

Agree or disagree? Have another reason of your own? Leave a reply below…

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