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25 Spooktacular Musicals To Listen To For All The Halloween Feels

As the Karen Smith of Mean Girls once crooned: If we could change the world we’d make it Halloween every single day. The over-the-top holiday is a Theatre Nerd’s dream, with its candy filled pillow cases only made sweeter when you combine it with the musical realm. After all, nothing concocts a ghostlier vibe than spooky music. Though playing I Put A Spell On You on repeat hardly gets stale, here is a coven of other tunes that will get your Broadway-lovin’ blood pumping this Halloween season:

The Ultimate Musical Albums to Listen to for Halloween:

A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder

If you want to start with a lighter fare, this morbidly hilarious show brings the mystery and the laughs right to your ears!

American Psycho the Musical

What says Halloween more than homicidal narcissism? Let Spring Awakening’s Duncan Sheik and Riverdale’s Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa bring you some bloody good fun with their 80s’esque album.

Beetlejuice the Musical

From The Whole Being Dead Thing to Day-O, the ghost-with-the-most (not going to write his name too many times) takes your ears on a frighteningly-hilarious funhouse tour.

Be More Chill

Joe Iconis and Joe Tracz’s viral soundtrack will bring even the undead back to life with its frenzied beats. Plus, there’s a song called Halloween – enough said!


This melodramatic classic needs no introduction. Melding sultry and scary, it’ll have you feelin’ October vibes from the very first vamp.

Carrie the Musical

Come on, come on, come on! Hold on to your prom crowns because we’ve got ourselves a bonified Stephen King cult horror story right here. The awkward perils of high school + Alice Ripley’s haunting vocals + pig’s blood = a can’t go wrong Halloween musical choice.

Dance of the Vampires (A.K.A. Tanz der Vampire)

We’re getting a little more obscure with this one, but, hang on, don’t scroll away from me! While this campy show only had 56 performances on Broadway – with Mandy Gonzalez and, the Phantom himself, Michael Crawford to boot – the soundtrack lives on, featuring a rendition of Total Eclipse of the Heart. I bet now you’re dying to listen!

Dracula the Musical

Kelli O’Hara. Need we say more? Alright, so the luscious leading lady doesn’t exactly scream Halloween, but she’s a musical dream and didn’t you see Dracula in this headline? As far as things that go bump in the night he tops the list.

Evil Dead the Musical

This rock musical based on the horror film series has developed a cult following over the years for good reason. It’s a crazy good time!

Ghost the Musical

Romance, fantasy, thrills and Caissie Levy make this passionate score listening #ghouls.

Heathers the Musical

This could be bootiful! Heather, heather, heather and the gang do not disappoint in this BIG FUN album. Laurence O’Keefe and Kevin Murphy carved out a delicious score (that doesn’t sound like air supply), headlined by the track Candy Story – which is a Halloween party bop! Once you’ve ripped through the Off-Broadway version, head to the Original West End Cast Recording for more treats.

Jekyll and Hyde

Robert Louis Stevenson’s curiously classic tale is set to gorgeous music in this musical horror-drama. Blast This is the Moment right before you step out on Halloween night.

Little Shop of Horrors

When you think horror-scifi-comedy-musical (although not sure how often people think that) you think Little Shop. This fan favorite delivers and is extra creepy this time of year.

Lizzie: the Musical
Get ready to slay with this axe-cellent soundtrack – see what I did there? Based on the infamous real-life story of Lizzie Borden, this show most recently played off-Broadway with Eden Espinosa and Ciara Renée, who lend their stunning voices to the recording.

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
Presenting the twisted leading man of your hallowed dreams. Traveling down fleet street this time of year is always a must, but be sure to where a smock!

The Addams Family

Let us pull you in a new direction to the sweeter side of All Hallow’s Eve. Full disclosure: this show is as Halloweenie as Broadway gets.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

While it isn’t directly a holiday show, Alan Menken and Stephen Schwartz’s masterpiece boasts a sweeping orchestration and lingering choral elements that fit the melancholy of the season.

The Mystery of Edwin Drood
Whip this bad boy out at your musical theatre nerds Halloween bash for frighteningly interactive fun. Listen to the soaring soundtrack in order and vote on who the killer is before listening to a confession track!

The Nightmare Before Christmas

This IS Halloween. No, really it is. Pump this kid-friendly album at your family gatherings this autumn and feel free to keep it running through Christmas.

The Phantom of the Opera

This list wouldn’t be complete without the world’s longest running and most popular musical. The iconic masked angel of music creeps it real as he belts out Andrew Lloyd Webber’s majestic music of the night.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

You didn’t think we’d leave this off, did you? Rocky Horror is the pinnacle of Halloween musicals with showings sprouting up around the world every October. It essentially “came back from the dead,” too, growing an incredibly dedicated following after an initially poor movie opening.

War of the Worlds the Musical Version

Fun fact: this progressive rock album was named the UK’s 32nd best-selling studio album of all time in 2018. Boom it through your speakers and blast off into an epic dance party.


Come through again, Stephen Schwartz! Fly high above your fellow trick-or-treaters as you listen to the most whimsical Broadway cast album in all of Oz.

Young Frankenstein

Let me be frank, there’s no better time to do the Transylvania mania than Halloween. This hilarious and monstrous romp will make you feel electrifyingly alive.

Zombie Prom

Putting this on the docket is a no brainer (are you sick of my corny quips yet? Don’t worry we’re almost all wrapped up – like a mummy, get it?). Anyway, this Off-Broadway musical is a zany addition if you’re into the likes of Heathers and Little Shop.

Only 25 were included here, but there are no doubt more! Let us know in the comments which are your favorite. Happy Halloween!

Written by Robert Peterpaul

Robert Peterpaul is an actor, writer, and the owner of Robert Peterpaul Productions (in addition to being a big theatre nerd). Some career highlights include: working for NBC’s Access Hollywood and America’s Got Talent in the past, and, currently at Hello! Magazine and his family’s nonprofit - Thomas Peterpaul Foundation. Robert was most recently seen in the feature films: James Franco's King Cobra and SONY's What Happened Last Night. Thanks for reading!

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