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Which Hamilton Characters Are Best?

You get to choose which Hamilton characters you love best with this ranked list. Which characters will “Blow us all away”?

#1 Eliza Schuyler Hamilton

Her face is going through the unimaginable right there.

187 points
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#2 Angelica Schuyler

She'll never be satisfied, but I hope you are with her.

181 points
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#3 George Washington

Don't get mad when he calls you son, he's still a likable character.

119 points
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#4 Margarita “Peggy” Schuyler

109 points
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#5 Alexander Hamilton

The main character, but, is he the best character? Let's find out.

106 points
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#6 Aaron Burr

Turns out, he is Aaron Burr, sir. But will he top your lists?

106 points
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