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Which Hamilton Characters Are Best?

You get to choose which Hamilton characters you love best with this ranked list. Which characters will “Blow us all away”?

#1 Angelica Schuyler

She'll never be satisfied, but I hope you are with her.

151 points
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#2 Eliza Schuyler Hamilton

Her face is going through the unimaginable right there.

145 points
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#3 Aaron Burr

Turns out, he is Aaron Burr, sir. But will he top your lists?

114 points
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#4 George Washington

Don't get mad when he calls you son, he's still a likable character.

109 points
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#5 Alexander Hamilton

The main character, but, is he the best character? Let's find out.

96 points
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#6 Margarita “Peggy” Schuyler

93 points
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  1. To be honest, I think Angelica is extremely overrated. Outside of “The Schuyler Sisters”, all she does is sing about how much she’s infatuated with Hamilton himself. And it isn’t even something she did in real life, so…what was the point of even having her in the show?!

    • Yeah ikr its annoying people are like “YAS QUEEN” when like what did she do except sing about how she was jealous of her sister and that she still loves hamilton even tho he’s married TO HER SISTER. Like why are saying she’s a queen for doing nothing except that?

    • Dear you, Angelica is a queen because she pushed her feelings for Hamilton down, because of her sister. In the reynolds pamphlet, she stands next to her sister. Her main line is “I will never be satisfied.” As in SHE LIKES HAMILTON, BUT LIKES HER SISTER MORE. You are as misguided as a blind stray puppy,

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