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10 Things You Should Never Say To A Hamilton Fan

All of us are guilty of fangirling over our favorite play or actor now and then, so here are some guidelines for when you’re dealing with someone who’s got it bad for Hamilton. If there’s any you think were left out, feel free to leave a comment.

#1 The Schuylar Sisters all sound the same

Sometimes it's easy to mix up voices when you're listening to a soundtrack for the first time, but for the Hamilton fans who have listened to it dozens of times and were perhaps lucky enough to see it, they know each sister has her own unique voice. 

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#2 Aaron Burr shouldn’t have been such a big character

While the musical is centered around Hamilton, Aaron Burr has a huge role and some people don't like it that way. However, most Hamilton fans love the Hamilton/Burr relationship, so this saying is a big no-no.

  1. Aaron Burr is one of my favorite characters in Hamilton and if i was a boy I would audition for him. I actually might this summer they are having a camp

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#3 What’s with all the drama between Hamilton and Eliza?

Toward the end of act 2, the play is mostly focused on the hard times Hamilton goes through with Eliza and this can depress some people, but you should never question that in front of a fan. For most of them this is a beautiful moment of the play and is an important part of Hamilton's life. If you disagree, just stick it out. Jefferson will save you will his later line, "Can we get back to politics?"

  1. uhm ham cheated on his wife with two other girls encouraged his son to a duel which got him killed and immediately died in another duel afterwards. He then left Eliza with a depressed daughter 6 other children no money, and his legacy to protect…

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#4 Jefferson is so annoying

Jefferson is one of those characters that you want to hate, but can't help loving... in most cases. Some people may find him annoying and while all evidence support this, Hamilton fans just get a feeling that leaves them left loving him. So try to avoid saying something like this if you're getting a different vibe. 

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#5 George Washington is so unrealistic

While it's true, Washington is a seemingly perfect character, we can't pin this on Hamilton. That's just how American history presents him and Christopher Jackson upholds this image phenomenally.

  1. In the musical he’s the kind of guy who yeets everyone’s drama out the window by yeeting himself out of the window.

#6 Hamilton’s all rap

This one is just flat-out untrue, but it can look true from a distance. If you're listening to the soundtrack and not really paying attention you're overall view of it at the end will be, yeah, rap. However, if you truly listen to it you'll hear songs that are not rap. Such as "It's Quiet Uptown" and "Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story".

  1. my cousin insulted broadway once. I punched him on the spine. and shot him with a nerf gun…he’s fine tho…

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#7 King George is such a snob

Well, obviously. That's the look he was going for. King George is the character we love to hate, so stating the obvious like that can easily get under a Hamilton fan's skin.

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#8 What was the point of Peggy being in the play?

This is one of the biggest don'ts on this list. Peggy has taken the world by storm and you definitely do not want to mess with her fans. Besides historical accuracy, Peggy has an important role because of her relationship with her sisters. There's a definite mood change in act 2 after her death.

  1. i started typing and got chills from this. also if anyone says this to me i will and peggy their asses to england.

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#9 That didn’t happen like that

It's no secret the play Hamilton isn't 100% historically accurate, but that doesn't mean you have to point it out. There's no surer way to annoy a Hamilton fan than to ruin the moment with facts. Even if they're true.

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#10 Hamilton shouldn’t have become that famous

As much as we love Hamilton, we know there are a lot of other really good plays out there. This can lead to some debate as to whether or not Hamilton really is one of the best. The answer is probably yes, after all it has one just about every award it could. Be warned, if you want to say this you'd better be able to back it up. 

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  1. Reply if this has happened to you!:
    Me-*Fangirling about Hamilton with another Hamilton fan*
    Random Person nearby-“I dont like Hamilton”
    Me- “Why?”
    Random Person nearby-“I dont like Shakespeare”
    Me-“… It’s HamILTON not HamLET”

    • My friend (we’re both obsessed with hamilton) her mom thought that hamilton was hamlet and went on and on about “he’s not even real, why do you like him so much” and my friend had to explain to her that yes, hamilton is a real person, and he’s on the $10 bill. It was hilarious

      • At first I was confused cause I thought it was Hamlet and I kept saying wasnt this a thing like 100 years ago, boy was I wrong

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