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Addams Family Candy Jar DIY

Happy Halloween! Are you ready for another Theatre Nerds DIY? Today we will be making our very own Addam’s Family: Cousin It Candy Jar-just in time for the spooky holidays!

Lets get started:

What you will need:

-Mason Jar
-Tiny Hat (Found at Joann’s Fabrics in the doll section)
-Tan Yarn
-Sticky Black Felt

To begin we will start by making our hair! Lay out a strip of tape 12″ long sticky side up. Using smaller strips of tape, hold down the strip so it doesn’t move. With your yarn, begin to loop the yarn back and forth about 6 inches long. Place the yarn as low as you can on the tape to help make a smaller band later on. Keep the yarn as tight as you can to each other for a fuller look. Once you have reached the end, take your scissors, and cut the loops, not attached to the tape to make them singular strands. After they have all been cut, fold your tape over onto itself to sandwich the yarn. Cut off the excess tape for a thinner strip. Since we need to wrap the mason jar completely, repeat these steps until you have 10 strips of hair!

Now that you have your hair, we can begin to attach them to the jar! Starting from the bottom, place the first strip of hair around the jar into the desired placement. Once it has been positioned, tape each end together and secure onto the jar. Continue to repeat this pattern all the way up to the top of the jar. Once you have reached the neck of the mason jar, take your extra yarn and wrap it around to cover it up completely.

Now it’s time to make Cousin It’s sunglasses! Using your sticky backed felt, flip it over so the backing is facing up. Draw out a pair of sunglasses and cut them out. Remove the backing and place onto the yarn/mason jar where his eyes should be.

Lastly, once everything has been put together, place your favorite candies and treats inside of the jar. You are now ready to add his final element, his hat to seal the deal! Now you not only have a fun new jar, but a great halloween decoration to add to your collection!

We hope you had fun doing this DIY with us! Please like, comment and share if you participated by making this Addam’s Family DIY!

Have a fun and safe Halloween & happy crafting!

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Written by Katie Bettini

Katie Bettini is an Los Angeles based artist and designer who received her BA in theatre design. Katie is now working in film and television but continues to indulge in her biggest passion, theatre by crafting and creating Theatre Nerds DIY videos!

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