Video: Beauty And The Beast Rose DIY

Welcome back to another Theatre Nerds DIY! In this video we will be creating the rose from Beauty and the Beast. Hope you guys enjoy, and please don’t forget to leave comments and suggestions for future projects you would like to see.

What You Need:

-Bell Jar (I purchased mine at Ikea with the option of gold of wood base)

-x2 Roses (One that will go inside the jar, another that will be used for extra petals and leafs)


-Hot Glue

-Green Clay

-Battery powered fairy lights


First, measure your rose to your bell jar and make sure you leave some room so it can be bent to give it its welting look. Cut the excess stem and put to the side. If your flower has too many leafs, trim to your liking.

From the extra rose, cut off some petals that will be placed at the base of the jar. Adhere them to the base with hot glue.

Once the rose is the correct size, create a small mound of clay in the center of the base and place the stem inside it. Stabilize the rose on the base while placing the glass overtop. For added fun, take your fairy lights and wrap them around the base of the bell jar.

After the lights have been wrapped, you are all done and have finished your very own Beauty and the Beast rose!

Hope you all enjoyed this tutorial! Send and tag us in photos of your own rose.

Happy DIY’ing-see you next time!

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Written by Katie Bettini

Katie Bettini is an Los Angeles based artist and designer who received her BA in theatre design. Katie is now working in film and television but continues to indulge in her biggest passion, theatre by crafting and creating Theatre Nerds DIY videos!

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