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‘Dear Evan Hansen’ DIY Phone Case To Indulge The Crafty Theatre Nerd

The Materials! For this project, all you will need is:

  • Paint Pens (can be purchased at any craft store-you may use any combination
    of colors that you like)
  • Clear Phone Case (Sold in stores, but cheaper on Amazon. All phone types available)

See below this post for recommended products


1. Begin creating your “Waving Through A Window” window by shaping out the frame. Put the phone to the side to allow the paint to dry.

2. Print a font you enjoy, or handwrite “waving through a window” onto paper. With that as a reference, create a mirrored image of the phrase to use to trace.

3. With your reversed writing, place your phone case facedown and begin to trace the writing onto the case. After you are finished and happy with your writing, allow it to dry.

4. Once your wording has dried, you may now finish creating your window but drawing in the rest of the crossbeams. You may also emphasis the windows by lining each box with a darker color.

5. Bonus! Find your favorite ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ Ben Platt image and print them out. You can choose whatever size appeals to you the most.

6. Cut out your little Ben Platt and place him inside your window. Once you adhere him to the case, and it has completely dried go ahead and finally clip on your new phone case. You are now ready to hit the town and show off your phone to all of your friends!

Share with us your version of your “waving through a window” phone case on our Facebook and Instagram page. We can’t wait to see what you have done.

Leave a comment below with comments/suggestions of what you would like to see next…

Happy Crafting!

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Recommended supplies: (click on name to view/purchase)

Clear iPhone 6 case

Clear iPhone 7 case

Clear Samsung Galaxy case

Paint Pens used in video:

Craft Smart® Fine Line Paint Pen, 2 Pack  – Dark Blue

Premium Paint Pens by Beric 12 pack

Sharpie Oil-Based Paint Markers

Written by Katie Bettini

Katie Bettini is an Los Angeles based artist and designer who received her BA in theatre design. Katie is now working in film and television but continues to indulge in her biggest passion, theatre by crafting and creating Theatre Nerds DIY videos!


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