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RENT Wall Clock DIY

Supply list:

  • Small Clock-available at target for $4 or your local thrift store
  • White acrylic paint
  • Alphabet stickers-1 inch (any color you’d like! We used gold)


Welcome back to another Theatre Nerds DIY. In this tutorial we will be making a Seasons of Love clock from one of our favorite musicals-Rent! To create this Rent clock, you will have to start by getting a clock. You can purchase one at either target or your local thrift store. If the face of the clock has numbers on it, you will need to remove the backing and separate the pieces. Once you have done that, take your white acrylic paint and begin to cover the face of the clock. It may take a couple coats so go ahead and use a hairdryer to speed up the process until it is completely white and dry.

After you have completed this step, take your 1 inch alphabet stickers and begin to write out your message. Starting at the top, begin with mapping out “525,600”. Following that, start at where the 9 would be located and begin to place the letters down to write out “seasons of love”. Once that is complete, finish your Rent clock by centering the word “minutes” between the hands of the clock. After all of your lettering’s have been place, go ahead and place the glass and backing back on your clock and you are all finished! Just pop in some batteries and you got yourself your very own Rent clock!

Thank you for joining us for another fun Theatre Nerds DIY. Please leave any comments below letting us know what you would like to see next. Until next time, happy crafting!

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Written by Katie Bettini

Katie Bettini is an Los Angeles based artist and designer who received her BA in theatre design. Katie is now working in film and television but continues to indulge in her biggest passion, theatre by crafting and creating Theatre Nerds DIY videos!

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