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‘Waitress’ DIY Pie Pillows

Welcome back to another Theatre Nerds DIY project!

Today we will be making a No-Sew Pie Pillows, inspired by our beloved show, Waitress!

To begin this project, what you will need is:

  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Glue (you can use both fabric glue, or hot glue)
  • Pom Poms
  • Felt (light brown, brown, red and blue)
  • Stuffing


*In the tutorial I only showed working on one pillow, if you care to make more than one, just repeat the same process!*

1. We will start off by measuring out on our light brown felt, a 12 inch circle to create as the body of the pie. You will need to make two of these, as these pieces will become the pouch to make the pillow.

2. Using your fabric glue, glue 3/4 of the two light brown felt pieces together. We want to leave a hole to later fill with stuffing. Allow the pieces to sit to the side and dry.

3. After making our pie crust, take your “pie filling” color of your choosing (in the video I made a red cherry pie) and measure out an 11 inch circle. This piece will sit inside of the pie crust we just made. Once that is cut out, adhere the filling piece to the crust and let dry.

4. To make the top crust pieces, we will be taking our darker brown felt pieces, and creating strips to later weave together. I used 8 strips per pie, however you can make yours smaller, or bigger-to your liking.

5. Once the pillow has finished drying, take your brown strips and begin to weave them together using the over under method. Once you have completed this, go ahead and glue the pieces to the top piece of felt and let dry.

6. For fun decoration, take your pom poms (berries for us) and decorate the top of the pie as you see fit. This gives it a fun and cute flare! Glue the pom poms onto the desired area and set it to the side.

7. Make sure your pillow is completely dry before beginning the stuffing process. Using your own personal preferences, fill the pillow to your desired need, without filling it too much and popping the seams. Once you have filled your pillow, carefully glue the small hole closed to complete the pillow.

And there it is! An adorable, no-sew pie pillow! This will get any sweet tooth jealous of your delicious taste and skills.

Thank you for watching!

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Happy Crafting!

Written by Katie Bettini

Katie Bettini is an Los Angeles based artist and designer who received her BA in theatre design. Katie is now working in film and television but continues to indulge in her biggest passion, theatre by crafting and creating Theatre Nerds DIY videos!


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