Community Post Resources, Guidelines & Helpful Information


Article images are important and good quality images increase the chance of us sharing your content with our 1.5+ million readers.

Best Featured Image Sizes: It’s important that all featured images be in landscape format. We recommend featured images be at least 800×450 pixels. Featured images should represent the general message you are conveying in the article, like a cover photo.

Helpful Information When Posting

  • All article submissions will require you to upload a feature image, it will not let you submit for approval unless you upload a feature image.
  • All articles must have a assigned category. Right now, your only choice is ‘Community’.
  • You can only save an article as a draft after you have uploaded a feature image & assigned a category. If one or both of these are not done, the platform won’t let you save a post as a draft.
  • You need to save your article as a draft before you can preview it.

Community Post Rules

We review every post before it is published. When you submit for review, we will publish your post within 24 hours of submission. Please keep in mind, Theatre Nerds is a positive space for thespians and we value community greatly.

  1. All posts must be about theatre or performing. This can include thespian lifestyle, humor, Broadway, opinion, reviews, etc. In general, it just needs to be relevant to the theatre.
  2. Swearing is okay, but use it sparingly.
  3. Bullying, personal attacks, and tasteless/un-resourceful opinions are NOT ALLOWED.
  4. Posting about an event, audition notice, or job opening is NOT ALLOWED in the community post area. We plan on having a audition/jobs board soon. If you submit it we will not approve it.
  5. Re-posting a blog post or news piece verbatim (AKA plagiarism) from another site or source is not allowed, we will use plagiarism software to check.
  6. Have fun & thank you for being a part of this wonderful community!

Posting FAQS

  1. Where’s my draft post? Profile > Posts > Drafts
  2. I submitted my post, how long will it take to go live? We try to approve all submissions within 24 hours, usually sooner.
  3. I received notification my post is live, where can I find it? All posts go to our community homepage HERE.
  4. How do I edit a draft post? Bookmark the unique URL page that appears after your post has been submitted (The green success message). Click the edit pencil icon in the lower right hand corner.
  5. Help, a post is published live but I want to make edit(s), can I do this? Yes, but you will need to CONTACT us so we can change it back to draft mode. After that, you can edit just as you would in question 4.

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