Rider University 02/06/2021

Rider University


A Night to Dismember

Zoom in to a killer event that is to die for…

Old-fashioned fun, with a new twist, abounds with this memorable event of cold-blooded murderous mayhem. Our Virtual Mysteries provide a one-of-a-kind online experience where you will interact with live suspects, hoping to successfully solve the crime.

The suspense begins as you enter the virtual scene where the murder has occurred.  Soon after, our Host takes to the mic and prepares everyone with  formal introductions of the guests and suspects.

As the event progresses, the diabolical plot thickens. Shameful secrets and motives emerge; ominous red herrings confound, and no one will be above suspicion.

Bring your friends. Bring your munchies and morsels. And most importantly, bring your alibis.

Written by Jamie Damaso

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