Come Back to Me

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Song Title : Come Back to Me

Show Name : On a Clear Day You Can See Forever

Character Name : Mark

Gender : Male

Age : Adult

Vocal Part : Baritone-Bass

Range : D4-E5

Style : Uptempo (Golden Age)

Mood : Excited, Romantic, Hopeful

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Context & Lyrics

Mark tries to reunite with Daisy through extrasensory powers.

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Hear my voice where you are
Take a train, steal a car,
Hop a freight, grab a star, come back to me.
Catch a plane, catch a breeze,
On your hands, on your knees,
Swim or fly, only please, come back to me!

On a mule, in a jet.
With your hair in a net.
In a towel wringing wet –
I don’t care, this is where you should be!

From the hills, from the shore,
Ride the wind to my door.
Turn the highway to dust,
Break the law if you must,
Move the world, only just come back to me!

Blast your hide, hear me call.
Must I fight City Hall?
Here and now, damn it all, come back to me!
What on Earth must I do?
Scream and yell till I’m blue?
Curse your soul when will you come back to me?

Have you gone to the moon or the corner saloon,
And to wrack and to ruin
Mademoiselle, where in Hell can you be?

In a crate, in a trunk,
On a horse, on a drunk,
In a Rolls or a van…
Wrapped in mink or Saran…
Any way that you can come back to me!
Come back to me!
Come back to me!

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Written by Trevor Forry

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