I Miss the Music

Song Title : I Miss the Music

Show Name : Curtains

Character Name : Aaron

Gender : Male

Age : Adult

Vocal Part : Baritone-Bass

Range : C3-F#4

Style : Ballad (Contemporary)

Mood : Romantic, Melancholy, Nostalgic

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Context & Lyrics

Aaron confesses that he still loves his ex-wife.

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CIOFFI (spoken)
You see what I’m saying? The song itself is kind of lackluster. It lacks…

CHRIS (spoken)

CIOFFI (spoken)

CHRIS (spoken)
I agree. We need a completely new composition,
one that’s catchier than pink eye. I’ll leave you to it.

CIOFFI (spoken)
Well, at least now you’ll have a few minutes alone with your piano.

AARON (spoken)
Alone, yeah.

CIOFFI (spoken)
Could I ask, only becauseI’ve wondered this my entire life–
Which would normally come first, the music or the lyric?

AARON (spoken)
Same answer as the chicken or the egg.

CIOFFI (spoken)
Ah, so it’s the lyric.

AARON (spoken)
No. It can start with a note. Which can become a phrase.
And then you try hanging words off each branch, like trimming a tree.

Sounds easy enough.

Really? Well don’t talk about love
Or you’ll have to say “fits like a glove”
Or “As certain as push comes to shove”
You will pine for the woman you’re constantly thinking of
You see the problem.

CIOFFI (spoken)
Dangling participle. So you suggest staying away from love?

At all costs. And don’t mention your life
Or you’ll have to say “cuts like a knife”
Or refer to the heartbreak and strife
When you find that you’re missing your …

CIOFFI (spoken)

AARON (spoken)

CIOFFI (spoken)
You were saying what you miss.

No I meant that, well…
I miss the music
I miss the song
Since she’s not with me
It comes out wrong

It doesn’t matter
How hard I try
I’ve lost the music
I don’t know why

You may have known
Before I met her
I wrote alone
But if you ask me
What I prefer
I’d say the music
I wrote with her

When you’re writing a song
And you’ve a partner
The room is filled with jokes and chatter
She says something
You say something
She writes a line
You play a vamp

But when you’re writing a song
Without a partner
That’s a completely different matter
No one tells you “That’s not funny”
No one says “Let’s cut that bar”
No one makes you better than you are

I can’t pretend
I miss the music
I miss my friend
No need to ask me
What I prefer
I choose the music
I wrote with her
I liked the music
I made with–

GEORGIA (spoken):
Aaron, I forgot my lyric. Can you believe it? Me.

Well you’re not the lyricist now, you’re the star.
Georgia, Break a leg.

Thanks. You can finish the song without me?

I’m a one-man band.
I miss the music
I miss my friend
No need to ask me
What I prefer
I choose the music
I wrote with her
I loved the music
I made with her

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Written by Trevor Forry

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