I Will Be Loved Tonight

Song Title : I Will Be Loved Tonight

Show Name : I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change

Character Name : Diane

Gender : Female

Age : Adult

Vocal Part : Mezzo-Soprano

Range : Bb3-Db5

Style : Ballad (Piano Pop)

Mood : Dramatic, Romantic, Intimate

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Context & Lyrics

Diane tries to move past the platonic stage of her relationship with Chuck.

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Well, pop the champagne, break out the cologne;
turn up the moonlight and turn off the phone.
Well, what a surprise, a man is in sight; and I will be loved tonight.

To fondle his skin, to savor his lips;
to nuzzle his chin, to movie with his hips. our words will be soft as we softly ignite;
and I will be loved tonight.

You can go from week to week, you can go from year to year;
not a hand placed on your cheek, not a whisper in your ear.
You can make it through okay, you can live and laugh, and flirt.
It’s quite easy in the day; it’s just the nights that always hurt.
So let darkness come, ’cause that will be fine;
for I’ll have a soul entangled in mine.
We’ll do as we please, and please… hold me tight.
For I will be loved, I will be loved.
Yes, I will be loved tonight.

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