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Song Title : No More

Show Name : The Goodbye Girl

Character Name : Paula

Gender : Female

Age : Young Adult

Vocal Part : Mezzo-Soprano

Range : G3-Db5

Style : Uptempo (Orchestral)

Mood : Dramatic, Enlightenment/Epiphany

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Context & Lyrics

Paula, an ex-dancer whose boyfriend has just left her, refuses to be taken advantage of again.

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My built-in female radar only zeroes-in on zeroes
I’m like the actors’ fund supporting wanna be Deniros

I’ve been caught in a trap
But it’s not gonna happen again

No more
Racing toward a heartache
Seeking disappointment
Chasing after dreams
I’ve trusted more than enough to last me till I die
Love’s as unreliable as it seems

No more
Living for another
Craving his approval
Giving to extremes
I’m through collecting broken promises
I’ve heard them all before
I know more now

In my experience with men I’ve spent a lifetime proving
You know a man is lying when you see his lips start moving
My women’s intuition ought to be recalled
Or overhauled

Most men have backbones like a strand of overcooked Linguini
You say commitment and they instantly become Houdini
When I look back upon the men I’ve loved I’m thoroughly

I’m gonna build a wall around my heart
A towering fortress made of solid rock
Electric fences all around my heart
The next guy who hits on me
Is in for a shock

I know to let go now
And so I solemnly promise

No more!

Seeking disappointments
Chasing after dreams
With just the two of us now
We’re better off by far
You and I are one of the greatest teams

No more
Living for a lover
Craving his approval
Giving to extremes
They say that history repeats itself
I’ll build my past goodbye
No more
No more
I know more now!


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