I Wish I Could Forget You

Song Title : I Wish I Could Forget You

Show Name : Passion

Character Name : Fosca

Gender : Female

Age : Adult

Vocal Part : Alto

Range : A3-E5

Style : Ballad (Contemporary)

Mood : Dark, Romantic, Dramatic

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Context & Lyrics

Fosca fantasizes about Giorgio writing a letter to her.

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GIORGIO (spoken)
Fosca, it will be light soon, I should be going

FOSCA (spoken)
Would you do me a great favor before you leave?
Would you write a letter for me?

GIORGIO (spoken)

FOSCA (spoken)
My dearest Fosca…
(Giorgio stops writing and looks at her, annoyed.)
(Giorgio resumes writing.)

GIORGIO (spoken)
“My dearest Fosca”

I wish I could forget you
Erase you from my mind
But ever since I met you
I find, I cannot leave the thought of you behind
That doesn’t mean I love you…

That doesn’t mean I love you…

I wish that I could love you…

I know that I’ve upset you
I know I’ve been unkind
I wanted you to vanish from sight
But now I see you in a different light
And though I cannot love you
I wish that I could love you

For now I’m seeing love
Like none I’ve ever known
A love as pure as breath, as permanent as death
Implacable as stone
A love that, like a knife, has cut into a life
I wanted left alone
A love I may regret
But one I can’t forget

I don’t know how I let you
So far inside my mind
But there you are and there you will stay
How could I ever wish you away?
I see now I was blind
And should you die tomorrow
Another thing I see:
Your love will live in me

I remain… Your Giorgio

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Written by Trevor Forry

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