If He Walked Into My Life

Song Title : If He Walked Into My Life

Show Name : Mame

Character Name : Mame

Gender : Female

Age : Adult

Vocal Part : Alto

Range : Bb3-D5

Style : Ballad

Mood : Regretful, Dramatic

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Context & Lyrics

When Mame discovers that her nephew Patrick has married a debutante from a bigoted family, she wonders what went wrong.

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Where is that boy with the bugle?
My little love was always my big romance;
Where’s that boy with the bugle?
And why did I ever buy him those damn long pants?

Did he need a stronger hand?
Did he need a lighter touch?
Was I soft or was I tough?
Did I give enough?
Did I give too much?

At the moment when he needed me,
Did I ever turn away?
Would I be there when he called,
If he walked into my life today.

Were his days a little dull?
Were his nights a little wild?
Did I overstate my plan?
Did I stress the man?
And forget the child.
And there must have been a million things.
That my heart forgot to say.
Would I think of one or two,
If he walked into my life today.

Should I blame the times I pampered him,
Or blame the times I bossed him;
What a shame!
I never really found the boy,
Before I lost him.

Were the years a little fast?
Was his world a little free?
Was there too much of a crowd?
All too lush and loud and not enough for me.
Though I’ll ask myself my whole life long,
What went wrong along the way;
Would I make the same mistakes
If he walked into my life today?
If that boy with the bugle,
If he walked into my life today.

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Written by Trevor Forry

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