I’ll Be There

Song Title : I'll Be There

Show Name : The Pirate Queen

Character Name : Tiernan

Gender : Male

Age : Young Adult, Adult

Vocal Part : Tenor

Range : C4-A5

Style : Ballad (Pop Opera)

Mood : Romantic, Hopeful, Passionate, Jealous

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Context & Lyrics

Tiernan is devastated after his longtime love, Grace, has married another man. Tiernan senses, however, that this is not the end for him and Grace, and vows to remain close to her.

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What Do I Say?
What Do I Do?
How Will I Ever Hope To Fare?

How Can I Stay
So Close To You
Knowing Now That Your Place Is
In Another’s Embraces,
In Another Man’s Care?

I Should Be Gone
Far From This Hell
Till Not A Trace Of You Survives

Yet I’ll Stay On
For I Know Well
Though You’ve Left Me Behind You
One Day Troubles Will Find You
And When That Day Arrives

I’ll Be There
For To Me There’s No Sorrow
Worse To Bear
Than A Life Lived Apart.

I’ll Be There
Come The Mists On The Morrow
I’ll Be There
By Your Side
And Deep Within Your Heart

Now she’s his wife
And nobody knows
How much of her she’ll have to hide.

But Whatever Life
He Might Propose
Will Be Merely Pretending
To The Dream Never-Ending
We’ll Now Hold Inside

I’ll Be There
Though I Know That It’s Madness,
Heart Laid Bare,
Stripped Of Pride, Yet Still Proud.

I’ll Be There
In The Depths Of My Sadness
I’ll Be There
Ever Steeled
Unyielding And Unbowed.

Go And Marry A Man You Don’t Love
If That Pleases You.
Throw Away, For A Cause,
All The Joys We Have Known

I Thought Love’s More Than Faith,
More Than Clans, More Than Anything
Let His Kiss Keep You Warm
I’ll Be Fine On My Own…

Is It Me I’m Deceiving?
Mad Or Not, I’ll Stay True.
I’ll Be There…
I’ll Be There, Heaven Speed Me,
By Your Side, As You Need Me
I’ll Be There For You.

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Written by Trevor Forry

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