Audition songs from Jekyll and Hyde

Song Title : Alive

Show Name : Jekyll and Hyde

Character Name : Edward Hyde

Gender : Male

Age : Young Adult, Adult

Vocal Part : Tenor

Range : D4-E5

Style : Uptempo (Pop Opera)

Mood : Fascinated, Scary, Villainous

Context & Lyrics

Henry Jekyll’s menacing alter ego, Edward Hyde, starts to manifest.

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What is this feeling
Of power and drive
I’ve never known?
I feel alive!

Where does this feeling
Of power derive,
Making me know
Why I’m alive?

Like the night, it’s a secret,
Sinister dark and unknown.
I do not know what I seek,
Yet I’ll seek it alone!

I have a thirst
That I cannot deprive.
Never have I felt so alive!

There is no battle
I couldn’t survive –
Feeling like this –
Feeling alive!

Like the moon, an enigma,
Lost and alone in the night
Damned by some heavenly stigma,
But blazing with light!

It’s the feeling of being alive!
Filled with evil, but truly alive!
It’s the truth that cannot be denied!
It’s the feeling of being
Edward Hyde!

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Written by Trevor Forry

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