No One Knows Who I Am

Audition songs from Jekyll and Hyde

Song Title : No One Know Who I Am

Show Name : Jekyll and Hyde

Character Name : Lucy

Gender : Female

Age : Adult

Vocal Part : Mezzo-Soprano

Range : C4-D5

Style : Ballad (Pop Opera)

Mood : Dramatic, Introspective

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Context & Lyrics

Although the prostitute Lucy is perceived as kind-hearted, she often has moments of deep, dark contemplation about her life.

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Look at me,
And tell me who I am.
Why I am
What I am.

Call me a fool,
And it’s true I am.
I don’t know
Who I am.

It’s such a shame,
I’m such a sham.
No one knows
Who I am.

Am I the face of the future?
Am I the face of the past?
Am I the one who must finish last?

Look at me,
And tell me who I am,
Why I am
What I am.

Will I survive?
Who will give a damn,
If no one knows
Who I am?
Nobody knows –
Not even you –
No one knows who I am…

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