No Other Way

Song Title : No Other Way

Show Name : Tarzan

Character Name : Kerchak

Gender : Male

Age : Adult

Vocal Part : Baritone-Bass

Range : C3-Gb4

Style : Uptempo (Contemporary)

Mood : Fatherly, Protective, yet Dismissive

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Context & Lyrics

Kerchak has just exiled Tarzan from the gorilla clan.

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My worst fear
I hold it now
I always knew that this would happen
Though he’s a child its in his blood
And he will grow
So now its clear what I must do
I know too well what he’ll become
For as long as I draw breath
I’ll remember

KALA (spoken)
Wheres Tarzan? Where is he?

No turning back
Whats done is done
I have seen what they can do
He can’t be saved by you, by me
It’s too late

KALA (spoken)
No, I wont let you do this. How can you think-

No more fighting. I’ll be obeyed
I’ll stand my ground
Don’t dare defy me
I know his kind
I know the truth
I will protect us

No other way
Open your eyes
It’s there to see
No other way
He’s not one of us
And never will be

KALA (spoken)
Just listen to me

No more to say
He is what he is
And that won’t change
There’s no other way
I am leaving him here
And here he’ll stay

KALA (spoken)
Hes just a child

He was up in the trees
Making a weapon
And in time it is us
He will hurt

KALA (spoken)

Nothing and no one
Will stop him becoming
What he is
And was by blood

No other way
He won’t come between me
And those I love
Believe me when I say
With my body and soul
This I vow

KALA (spoken)
But I need him!

No, no other way
And in spite of your pain
It will be done

No matter what you say
He never was or could be
Be my son
There is no other way

I won’t let him near the rest of the tribe again

I understand

Where are you going?

To find him
We’ll live away from the family

For how long?

For as long as he needs me

You can’t. I wont be able to protect you
Kala don’t do this. Please.

Kerchak I’m his mother

No other way
I should have done this before
Long ago
And from today
Though they’ll think of me cruel
They won’t know
There was no other way.

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Written by Trevor Forry

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