Song Title : Stranger

Show Name : Big Fish

Character Name : Will Bloom

Gender : Male

Age : Adult

Vocal Part : Tenor

Range : C4-G5

Style : Uptempo (Contemporary)

Mood : Uplifting, Inspirational, Futuristic

Context & Lyrics

Will Bloom, excited about the future of his future child, wishes to strengthen the relationship with his father.

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I’m feeling stranger
Than I’ve ever felt before
And so much more

Like something old has joined
With something new
But still feels true

I’m passing through a rite
That every parent does
I’m walking on some shared familiar ground
Yet every step I take
Is not a step that was
And I found
I like the sound of

A child I’ve yet to meet
Becomes my everything
My song to sing
And suddenly the weight of it is real
What do I feel?

I feel connected
In a way I’ve never known
A line from dad to me to new-born son
So from today
I’ll never make a choice alone
One for all
All for one

And when he’s born
I’ll teach him how to use his common sense
He’ll listen and he’ll learn and he’ll excel
I’ll tell my son
That life is lived in clear and present tense
Not only in the stories we can tell

My father told me stories
I could never comprehend
In every tale he’d claim to be the hero
I’ve tried to understand him
But I wonder if I can

Because after almost thirty years
I still don’t know the man
I wish I knew the man

But he’s a stranger
My father is a stranger I know very well
A puzzling shell
What’s on its way help us both to grow
But I don’t know

I don’t know when I’ll understand
What made him wild
I don’t know why he has the urge to fly
I want to face him
Like a man and not a child
So I’ll try
I’ll really try

And in time, my boy is sure to see
Brighter days for dad and me
We can do things better than before
So that strangers we will be no more

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Written by Trevor Forry

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