Pop! Six! Squish! Can You Ace This ‘Chicago’ Lyric Quiz?

  • Question of

    “Start the car I know a whoopee spot, where the gin is cold but the __________ hot; It’s just a noisy hall where there’s a nightly brawl, and all that jazz.”

    • piano’s
    • band is
    • saxophone’s
    • dancers
  • Question of

    “Sometime’s I’m down, sometime’s I’m up but he follows ’round like some __________ pup. He loves me so, that sunny honey of mine.”

    • droopy-eyed
    • slobbery
    • needy old
    • shaggy-haired
  • Question of

    “I loved Al Lipschitz more than I can possibly say. He was a real artistic guy: sensitive, ___________.”

    • a painter
    • an actor
    • a cellist
    • a dancer
  • Question of

    “Ladies and Gentlemen… Presenting the silver-tounged __________ of the courtroom. The one, the only Billy Flinn!”

    • prince
    • king
    • knight
    • savior
  • Question of

    “Got a little motto, always sees me through, when you’re good to _______, _______ good to you!”

    • mama, mama’s
    • Velma, Velma’s
    • Roxie, Roxie’s
    • Billy, Billy’s
  • Question of

    “Understandable, understandable, yes it’s perfectly understandable. Comprehensible, comprehensible, not a bit reprehensible, it’s so ________________.”

    • defensible
    • sensible
    • apprehensible
    • extensible
  • Question of

    “From just some ________ mechanics wife I’m gonna be Roxie! Who says that murder’s not an art?”

    • dumb
    • poor
    • old
    • sad
  • Question of

    “My sister and I had an act that couldn’t _________.”

    • flop
    • win
    • work
    • stop
  • Question of

    “Cellophane, Mister Cellophane, shoulda been my name, Mister Cellophane. ‘Cause you can _______ right through me, walk right by me and never know I’m there…”

    • see
    • look
    • talk
    • walk
  • Question of

    “Give ’em the old razzle dazzle, razzle dazzle ’em. Give ’em an act with lots of _________ in it.”

    • flash
    • color
    • sparkle
    • life
  • Question of

    “You can even marry Harry but mess around with Ike. And that’s __________ …”

    • good
    • life
    • fine
    • love
  • Question of

    “There’s men everywhere, jazz everywhere, booze everywhere, life everywhere, joy everywhere, __________.”

    • nowadays
    • forever
    • always
    • amen

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Written by Kailey Hansen

Kailey received her B.A. in English, studied Shakespeare in London and interned at an opera house.


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