Don’t Call Me Trailer Trash

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Song Title : Don't Call Me Trailer Trash

Show Name : Cowgirls

Character Name : Mickey and Jo

Gender : Female

Age : Young Adult

Vocal Part : Mezzo-Soprano

Range : A3-C5

Style : Uptempo - Country

Mood : Comedic

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I look at all them pictures in the magazines
Where they show you all the models in designer jeans
All the girls are skinny are their hair is flat
Why would we want to look like that?

We like the fashion don’ts and not the dos
We read the comics and I throw away the news
Cityfolks laugh at our K-mart clothes
But we got our own style and we got out own nose

12 step programs make me yawn
But I could 2 step all night long
Pink flamingos on my lawn
But, don’t call us trailer trash, we live in a mobile home

You can always keep me down on the farm
Cause I’ve always like a man with a half tan arm
A pickup truck with over-sized tires make me weak in the knees
And sets my heart on fire

Cheese fries, wise guys, demolition derbies
Stir fries, nice guys do nothing fer me
Never cut out gourmet recipes,
We prefer the cuisine at the tasty freeze

We like cars with lots of chrome
We can make art out of Styrofoam
We ain’t got no cellular phone
But, don’t call us trailer trash,
We live in a mobile home

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