Drift Away

Song Title : Drift Away

Show Name : Grey Gardens

Character Name : Gould

Gender : Male

Age : Adult

Vocal Part : Tenor

Range : D4-F5

Style : Ballad (Contemporary)

Mood : Jazzy, Nostalgic, Romantic

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Context & Lyrics

Gould wants Edith to put aside their faded memories while he is gone.

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Understand kid,
It’s been just grand, kid.
The cocktails, the cufflinks – the fun.
Remember me when you’re singing “Tea for One.”

EDITH (spoken)
If you’re gone, who would I even talk to?

GOULD (spoken)
Yourself. The occasional cat.

EDITH (spoken)
That’s not funny.

After I’m gone,
When the ocean’s haze
Blankets the grounds in grey
Drift away, on the tide,
Drift away.

When you’re alone,
And the twilight’s glow
Shimmers across the bay
Drift away, on a wave,
Drift away.
Our tete-a-tetes-

Midnight duets-

Our breakfast tea and toast.

Funny how things that mean the least
Are what we miss the most.
Deep in the night
When the whispering breeze
Sings this song I play,
Shed a tear and be glad
For the fun that we had.
Drift away, on a dream…
Drift away.

EDITH (spoken)
You’re my soul mate, that’s what you are.

GOULD (spoken)
“Soul mate.” Is that the nom de jour?

EDITH (spoken)
I’ve no idea what you mean.

GOULD (spoken)
For the party this afternoon, which would you prefer?
Should I wear the white satin jacket you bought for me at Bergdorf’s?
Or the linen one you picked up in Rome?

EDITH (spoken)
Now, Gould-! Gould!

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Written by Trevor Forry

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