Fight the Dragons

Song Title : Fight the Dragons

Show Name : Big Fish

Character Name : Edward Bloom

Gender : Male

Age : Adult

Vocal Part : Baritone-Bass

Range : C4-G5

Style : Uptempo (Contemporary)

Mood : Fatherly, Nostalgic, Encouraging

Context & Lyrics

When Will is upset that his dad Edward has to travel for work, Edward tells him to be brave.

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I’ve never been a man who lived an office life
I’ve never been a man behind a desk
I’ve always been a man who said that staying still was playing dead
The kind who’s looking forward to the challenges ahead

People say that’s irresponsible
People tell me stay at home
But I’m not made for things like mowing lawns or apron strings
I’m my best, when not at rest

So I fight the dragons and I storm the castles
And I win a battle or two
Then comes the day it’s time,
I’m packing up and I am bringing all my stories home to you

All I can see is miles ahead with miles to go
All I can feel is wind and sun and sky
Stop for a coffee, make a friend, and pray the day will never end
‘Cause there’s one more adventure waiting ’round another bend

Where I fight the dragons and I storm the castles
And I win a battle or two
But then a feeling comes
Like fifty thousand drums all banging, “Bring my stories home to you”

And I wonder as I wander on the road from door to door
Exactly what you think of where I’ve been

Do you know I joined the circus, met a mermaid, fought a war?
Do you know I think of you through thick and thin?
Because even though I’m making deals and bringin’ people joy
I’m usually only thinking of my boy

Out there on the road I pray
You’ll come to my one day
And say, “Let’s fight the dragons and then storm the castles
’til we win what needs to be won”
So when I’m old and tired, you’ll do the job required
You’ll be there telling stories to your son

And we fight the dragons and we storm the castles
And I do the best that I can
For everybody knows that’s how the story goes
To turn each boy into a bigger man

So I’ll fight the dragons ’til you can

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Written by Trevor Forry

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