I’ll Never Say No

Song Title : I'll Never Say No

Show Name : The Unsinkable Molly Brown

Character Name : Johnny

Gender : Male

Age : Adult

Vocal Part : Baritone-Bass

Range : Db3-F4

Style : Ballad (Golden Age)

Mood : Romantic, Reassuring

Context & Lyrics

Johnny falls in love with Molly, and promises to grant her every wish.

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I’ll never say no to you,
Whatever you say or do,
If you ask me to wait for a lifetime.
You know I’ll gladly wait
For a lifetime or two

Just to look at you.
I’ll smile, when you say “Be Glad,”
I’ll weep if you want me sad.
Today is tomorrow
If you want it so.
I’ll stay or I’ll go,
But I’ll never say no…

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Written by Trevor Forry

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