I Am In Love

Song Title : I Am In Love

Show Name : Can-Can

Character Name : Judge

Gender : Male

Age : Adult

Vocal Part : Tenor

Range : C4-F5

Style : Midtempo (Golden Age)

Mood : Romantic, Light-hearted, Carefree

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I am dejected,
I am depressed,
Yet resurrected
And sailing the crest.
Why this elation,
Mixed with deflation?
What explanation?
I am in love!

Such conflicting questions ride
Around in my brain,
Should I order cyanide
Or order champagne?
Oh, what is this sudden jolt?
I feel like a frighten’d colt
Just hit by a thunderbolt,
I am in love!

I knew the odds
Were against me before,
I had no flair
For flaming desire,
But since the gods
Gave me you to adore,
I may lose
But I refuse to fight the-fire!

So come and enlighten my days
And never depart.
You only can brighten the blaze
That burs in my heart,

For I am wildly in love with you,
And so in need of
A stampede of

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Written by Trevor Forry

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