I’ll Build a Stairway to Paradise

Song Title : I'll Build a Stairway to Paradise

Show Name : An American In Paris

Character Name : Henri

Gender : Male

Age : Adult

Vocal Part : Baritone-Bass

Range : C4-F5

Style : Uptempo (Golden Age)

Mood : Showstopper, Encouraging, Exciting

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All you preachers
Who delight in panning the dancing teachers,
Let me tell you there are a lot of features
Of the dance that carry you through
The gates of Hea-ven.

It’s madness
To be always sitting around in sadness,
When you could be learning the steps of gladness.
You’ll be happy when you can do
Just six or seven;

Begin to day!
You’ll find it nice,
The quickest way to paradise.
When you practice,
Here’s the thing to do,
Simply say as you go…

I’ll build a stairway to Paradise
With a new step ev’ry day!
I’m gonna get there at any price;
Stand aside, I’m on my way!
I’ve got the blues
And up above it’s so fair.
Shoes! Go on and carry me there!
I’ll build a stairway to Paradise
With a new step every day.

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Written by Trevor Forry

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