Just Not Now

I love you because, audition songs for mezzos

Song Title : Just Not Now

Show Name : I Love You Because

Character Name : Marcie

Gender : Female

Age : Adult

Vocal Part : Mezzo-Soprano

Range : G3-Eb5

Style : Ballad

Mood : Dramatic, Rejecting

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Context & Lyrics

Marcy tells her lover Austin that she is in fact not ready yet for true love.

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Stop there, Austen, hold it, freeze
Give me a second, would you please`
You said a lot there and I`m just not there
I need to think your honesty real
And it appeals to my emotions
Which is great, but I`m sure
Now`s no the time for romantic notions

I want true love someday
But, just not now
A picket fence clich`
But just not now
How can I make you see
Though this feels right to me
Now`s not the time to be
Quite where you are

You`re here too soon
And though I know
It sounds unfair
If you would wait for me, I swear
I`ll meet you there
I need some time to heal
And though your love seems real
I`m not prepared to feel
The way you do

Let`s take this time
We`ll wait it out
Or else we`ll crash and burn
I`m lost
And I don`t know
What true love`s all about
Please give me time to learn

I want so much to say
Okay, I love you too
I will, but not today
You know, I know you do
And though it`s hard you must
Control your heart and trust
I want with you
Just not now

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