All Grown Up

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Song Title : All Grown Up

Show Name : Bare: A Pop Opera

Character Name : Ivy

Gender : Female

Age : Young Adult

Vocal Part : Mezzo-Soprano

Range : G#3-F5

Style : Ballad - Rock

Mood : Dramatic, Dark

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Context & Lyrics

Ivy confesses to her classmate Nadia that Jason, who is gay, is the father of Ivy’s baby.

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Hey, if you say so…
Y’know, I can’t believe you missed rehearsal again
It isn’t all about you!
It affects the rest of us, what you do
Look, what’s wrong with you?


What my brother broke your heart?
Cause it sure broke mine when I heard he was seeing you
Poor Ivy, stuck wanting the one thing she can’t have

You think you know me…

Yeah, you know what?
I am so sick of you moping around when you’ve had
The world handed to you because you’re pretty
I’d trade places with you in a heartbeat

Remember back in 7th grade
Endless games of truth or dare
Double dates to Shea’s arcades
When I close my eyes I?m there
I think my mother took this picture
Back when were all just friends
Memories that fade and flicker
Burn again when I pretend

Did you sleep with her?


Life is short and life is strange
Trouble now and troubled past
Times have changed they rearrange
And little girls grow up so fast
Feel it how it grows inside me
Swirling ball of anguished cries
Haunted daunted so unwanted
Feel its anger in me rise

Dream a dream then dash another
Life is there to interrupt
Someone out there call my mother
Look at me mom all grown up

All those years she scrimped and saved
And now of course it comes to this
If only Ivy had behaved
Or learned to stopped at just a kiss
It hits me paralyzing shudder
Face the music take a bow
Just another unwed mother
One more sad statistic now

Dream a dream and end another
Life is there to interrupt
Someone out there call my mother
Look at me I’m all grown up
Look at me I’m all grown up

Little lies and big decisions
Who to tell and where to go
Follow someone else’s vision
Or trust my own ’cause I don’t know
Am I suppose to love this child?
Is it just that simple then?
Tell me how this change will happen
Tell me how and tell me when
Tell me how and tell me when

Dream a dream and end another
Life is there to interrupt
Someone out there tell my mother
Look at me I’m all grown up

Story ends in total damage
It’s an unforgiving world
17 how will I manage
How can I
I’m just a girl

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