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Song Title : Remember This

Show Name : The Unauthorized Autobiography of Samantha Brown

Character Name : Samantha

Gender : Female

Age : Young Adult

Vocal Part : Mezzo-Soprano

Range : Bb3-E5

Style : Midtempo - Piano Rock

Mood : Dramatic, Hopeful

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Context & Lyrics

This song is the culmination of Samantha’s high school experience as she plans the next step for her future.

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The seat is sinking underneath your weight.
The sky is pale with morning light.
Your heart is beating at a faster rate.
Remember this –
The racing heart, the purple dawn.
Remember this
Before the moment’s gone.

The street is quiet but the clouds race by,
And who knows what those clouds will see.
Before you start regretting,
Before you turn the key,
Remember this –
The way it feels inside the car,
The still cool air.
Remember feeling like your life begins today.
Try to stop and feel each second slip away.
Remember this.

Remember everything that led you here,
Each road trip and every single tear.

Remember what you learned
And what you still don’t know.
You look back on your life
On the girl you were for eighteen years.
You look back one more time,
Then you let it go.

Your hand might shake as the ignition lights.
You might not know what road you’ll take.
But now the gear is shifting.
Your foot is lifting off the brake.
Remember this.
Remember this.
Remember this.
Remember freedom.


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