Love to Me

Song Title : Love to Me

Show Name : The Light In the Piazza

Character Name : Fabrizio

Gender : Male

Age : Adult

Vocal Part : Tenor

Range : D4-F#5

Style : Ballad (Contemporary)

Mood : Romantic, Passionate, Re-assuring

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Context & Lyrics

Before their wedding, Fabrizio relieves Clara of all her fears and doubts.

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The day we meet,
The way you lean against the wind,
And do not know that you are beautiful,
Or that anyone is watching you,
This is what I see.

And I notice how you hunger for surprise,
And do not think that you are tall enough,
Like you’re standing on a mountainside alone,
This is what I see.

You’re not alone.

Now I see as I have never seen before.
Since that moment in the square,
When you’re hat is carried in the air,
Just so you can chase it,
Just so I can be there,
This is how I know,
This is what I see,
This is love to me.

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Written by Trevor Forry

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