Please Don’t Make Me Love You

Song Title : Please Don't Make Me Love You

Show Name : Dracula

Character Name : Mina

Gender : Female

Age : Adult, Young Adult

Vocal Part : Mezzo-Soprano

Range : B#3-D5

Style : Ballad (Pop-opera)

Mood : Dramatic, Romantic, Desperate

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Context & Lyrics

Mina, who is strangely attracted to Count Dracula, begs for him not to coax her into romance unless he truly loves her.

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There only so much
That a heart can take
Before it starts to break

Please don’t make me love you
Please don’t make me need you
I’ve no room in my life
For something like this

Please don’t take my mornings
Please don’t steal my summers
I know they will vanish
The moment we kiss

I grow weak when we talk
I’m confused when we touch
I should just walk away
But that’s asking too much

Please don’t make me do this
Please don’t make me want this
All my drams were taken
Until i met you

You’re the one I think of
Soon as I awaken
Funny how the heart tells
The mind what to do

I’m not sure I can go through all
The joy and the pain
Much better now
To let these dreams take flight!

Please don’t make me love you
Please don’t make me need you
Simplify my life
By just setting me free

Promise me you’ll do this
Only you can do this
Please don’t make me love you
Unless you love me

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