Black Is a Moocher

Wild Party Musical, audition songs

Song Title : Black Is a Moocher

Show Name : The Wild Party (LaChiusa)

Character Name : Kate

Gender : Female

Age : Adult

Vocal Part : Mezzo-Soprano

Range : G3-E5

Style : Midtempo (Swing)

Mood : Charming, Seductive, Sassy

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Context & Lyrics

Kate, Queenie’s friend, reveals that she knows that Black is trying to use her, but she doesn’t mind.

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Black is a moocher
And I like it like that
And I like it like that

I like him the way that he is
He is no’innocent
And Christ. He’s guilty where it counts
I use him daily in increasin’ amounts
And I like it like that
Un-huh Un-huh Un-huh Un-huh
And I like it like that
Mmmhm mmmhm’
I like it like

In the morning light when he rubs his beard
Then he touches me;
In the afternoon. when he draws my bath
Then undresses me;
Come round curtain time, when he spends my dough
Then he cheats on me;
Come the quarter-moon; when he drinks too much
Then he cries for me;
Breaking a stray in ain’t so hard;
Had ta teach him to play in my backyard

Black is a liar
And I like it like that
Thinks with his wire
And I like it like that
I’m in for the thrill of the kill’
If I can’t have him
Then nobody will.

I need what I need

I need to feel his touch

I need I need

I need to feel his sex

I need to feel your sex
I need to hear your name
I need your fire
I need your breath
I need your lust

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