Buffalo Nickel Photoplay Inc.

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Song Title : Buffalo Nickel Photoplay Inc.

Show Name : Ragtime

Character Name : Tateh

Gender : Male

Age : Adult

Vocal Part : Tenor

Range : B3-F#5

Style : Uptempo (Contemporary)

Mood : Enthusiastic, Comedic

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Context & Lyrics

Tateh, a Latvian Jewish artist, has now become a director of motion pictures.

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Anyone can get lucky in america. I remind myself of this everyday.

The first nickel I ever earned,
I keep in a little silver frame.
It’s how I gave my company a name,
Reminding me how very far I came!

I was a
Maker of the silhouettes
Who made a small improvement-
A little book of silhouettes
That simulated movement.
Well, people seemed to like it,
Soon the money’s going clink!
And I’m buffalo nickel photoplay, inc!

I go from
Silhouettes to photos.
I invent a small projector,
And soon, I’m making movies
And they’re calling me director!

An industry is dawning
And I’m standing on the brink-
Mister buffalo nickel photoplay, inc!

Life shines from the shadow screen
Comical, yet infinitely true.
People love to see what people do,
Here where everyone is someone new.

Such tales from the shadow screen!
Little men who never get the breaks,
Fighting on till something fin’lly takes-
What a lovely movie it all makes!

Well, business is booming
I’m happy to say.
I just made a contract
To film for pathe
A series of chapters
That end in suspense-
Each week, see what’s next
For another five cents!

And I am
Waking every morning
Filled with such anticipation!
I frame the sea,
I frame the sky.
And this is my vacation.

I shake your hand,
I kiss your hand,
I buy you all a drink!
And maybe if you chance to see
A movie that was made by me
Remember when the name goes by
That’s ash-k-e-n-a-z-y

The baron, now american,
Who happened once to think
Of silhouette and flicker book
And movies as they’re meant to look
And buffalo nickel photoplay, inc!

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Written by Trevor Forry

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