The Games I Play

Song Title : The Games I Play

Show Name : Falsettos

Character Name : Whizzer

Gender : Male

Age : Adult

Vocal Part : Tenor

Range : B3-G5

Style : Ballad (Contemporary)

Mood : Romantic, Regretful, Introspective

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Context & Lyrics

Whizzer comes to terms with his lack of feelings for Marvin.

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I don’t look for trouble
I do not accept blame
I’ve a good and a bad side
But they’re one and the same
Ask me to arouse you
I will rise and obey
These are the games I play

I screw every morning
Then bathe and drink tea
I been playing canasta
All my recreation seems to suit me okay
These are the games I play

It’s tough with love
Love’s tough to show
Let me face the music
It’s a song that I was waiting to hear so long
So long ago

I bet on the horses
I die by degree
I am sure his divorce is
A tribute to me
Ask me if I love him
It depends on the day
These are the games I play

It’s tough, my friend
Love’s looking strong
Play again the music
It’s a song that I been waiting to hear
For much to long
Years, years too long

It hurts not to love him
It hurts when love fades
It’s hard when part of him
Is off playing fam’ly charades

Ask me if I need him
Get him out of my way
These are
These are the games
These are the games
These are the only games I play

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Trevor Forry

Written by Trevor Forry

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